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Yellowstone awaits you.

How better to experience our vast national park than to join a fun, knowledgeable, local Naturalist Guide? Dive into a richer understanding and appreciation of our complex geology, gain insight into our diverse wildlife populations, and immerse in Yellowstone's rich human and natural history.

  • We'll show you how and where to look for the continent's most sought-after wildlife, including bears and wolves.

  • Understand the rumblings beneath your feet in the world's largest active volcano.

  • Explore geysers and hot springs.

  • Hike, ski or snowshoe with a Naturalist Guide trained in bear safety and Wilderness First Aid.

  • Learn the art of fly fishing on a mountain stream through our Instructional Fly Fishing days.

  • Enjoy an outdoor education expert's drop-in lecture, or let us design your program's curriculum and itinerary.

  • We adhere to Leave No Trace principles, emphasizing a light footprint and respect for the wilderness we are visiting.

  • We pride ourselves on science-based, place-based, outdoor education catering to private groups, families, students, Scouts, youth groups, university programs and all those seeking a deeper understanding and connection to the natural world.

Our experience, knowledge and passion will make your visit extraordinary.

We live here. We play here. And we look forward to sharing

the world's first national park with you.

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“Thank you so much for everything you put into this tour for us. We had such a great time, learned so much, and experienced such beauty and grandeur. You successfully imparted information but beyond that, your love and respect for the ecosystem. My throat closes and my eyes water when I think of the wolf family we saw this morning. Thank you for all of it!” 
Pam and Rick

"Thank you for showing us the dangerous beauty of Yellowstone. We sure enjoyed it. The trip was awesome. I learned a lot. I won’t forget."

Paul, age 9

"You have taught us a lot about nature and quite frankly have caused me to re-evaluate what’s important to me. Words cannot express what you have given our family in these few days."

Maria S.

“You truly brought Yellowstone to life. Before our arrival, it was just a green colored corner in Wyoming. Thanks to you, we now understand that it is truly a ‘living organism’ and due all associated respect. Thank you!!!!"

John & Nancy

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