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Yellowstone Winter Tours

Winter Hot Springs at Yellowstone

At a glance...

Duration: 6-8 hours, November to March

Starting Location: Winter tours depart from Gardiner, MT or Mammoth Hot Springs

Best for: All ages, up to 6 in your private group. Inquire about step-ons and educational group options.

The details...

  • We generally depart before dawn if wildlife is a priority. Early morning gives us the best opportunities to view Yellowstone's wolves, moose, bison, elk, bighorn sheep, and many other species. 

  • Yellowstone Winter Tours can be road-based, or we can plan on a snowshoe or cross-country ski experience for a more active day. 

  • We will tour the northern part of Yellowstone, including Mammoth Hot Springs and Lamar Valley, on the only plowed roads in the park

  • Learn about the unique adaptations our wildlife has evolved to endure a long winter, and how to read the landscape by the signs Yellowstone's wildlife leave behind.

  • While the bears may be hibernating, wolves are at their strongest and most visible.

  • You will find an appreciation for the resilience of Yellowstone's wildlife, for the stunning views and for the quiet. If fewer crowds and otherworldly landscapes are on your list, winter is your season! 

Bison With Snow on It's Face in Yellowstone
A Group of Friends Snowshoeing in Yellowstone


  • Expert interpretation from your personal, private guide

  • Door-to-door transportation from Gardiner, MT or Mammoth Hot Springs

  • Continental breakfast and hearty snacks 

  • Hot and cold beverages 

  • Quality spotting scopes 

  • Binoculars for everyone

  • A water carafe from which to refill your personal water bottle

  • We always carry a first aid kit and bear spray

  • A limited amount of snowshoes are available for borrow

What to bring:

  • National Park Service entrance fee or pass

  • Reusable water bottles (we always have extras for you, but love to reduce single-use plastic.)

  • A heartier lunch if you prefer more than the continental breakfasts and snacks we offer. We will provide a cooler.

  • Clothing layers. It is not uncommon to see a 50° temperature change over the course of a day here in the Rocky Mountains.

  • Warm, waterproof winter boots

  • Base layers and waterproof outer layers, including a heavy synthetic or down jacket, and snowpants if skiing or snowshoeing. 

  • Warm winter hat

  • Gloves or mittens

  • A daypack if planning for a more active day.

  • Camera

  • Anything else to make you comfortable and safe (i.e. sunglasses, sunscreen, lip balm, personal medications, inhaler)

  • Guide gratuity

Yellowstone Winter Tour 

Meet in Gardiner, MT or
Mammoth Hot Springs: 
1 person 
2 people $75
3 people $800 

4 people $850
5 people $900
6 people $950

*Inquire about other meeting locations

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