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Yellowstone Park Features


If you’re planning a trip to Yellowstone, then you know there are a thousand of miles of trails and many different tours, sites and attractions to visit while you’re here. So, which are the Yellowstone park features you won’t want to miss?


Our Yellowstone tour guides have spent thousands of hours exploring the park throughout the seasons. The Yellowstone highlights on this page are just some of our favorites that we’d love to explore with you!

Yellowstone Wildlife

The park is home to many incredible animals, and Yellowstone wildlife is always a big hit with visitors. Whether you want to see bears, wolves, bison or other natural wildlife, our tour guides can help you get the best chance of viewing these favorite Yellowstone park features.


And you won’t walk away with just great memories. Our tour guides are also trained naturalists and biologists, so you’ll gain a better understanding of the animals’ lives within the park and their overall role in Yellowstone’s ecology.


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Features of Yellowstone Park

Yellowstone Geology

Geology of Yellowstone

Yellowstone’s geology is one park highlight you won’t want to miss! In fact, Yellowstone is one of the most geologically dynamic areas on Earth!


The park was home to one of the largest volcanic eruptions known to have occurred in the world, which created one of the largest known calderas (or crater). The park’s geologic activity helped form the mountains, canyons, plateaus, and thermal features that make Yellowstone so beautiful - including jaw-dropping sites like the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.

Want to see Yellowstone’s geology first hand and learn more about nature’s inner workings behind this incredible park? Then our Yellowstone eco tours are for you! Click here to book now.

Yellowstone Thermal Features

Out of all of Yellowstone’s park features, its many geysers, steam vents and hot springs are probably the most famous. The park has more than 10,000 hydrothermal features, including about 500 geysers - more than half of the world’s known total!


And while Old Faithful may be the Yellowstone thermal feature best known outside of the park, our Yellowstone tour guides can help you see even more hydrothermal sites - and explore the science behind them!

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Thermal Features of Yellowstone

Yellowstone Ecology

Ecology of Yellowstone

No matter which Yellowstone park features you feel most drawn to on your trip, Walking Shadow Ecology Tours can help you learn more about their place in the complex, inter-connected system of Yellowstone’s ecology. 


We are committed to helping you make amazing memories and connect more deeply to the natural world. No matter which of our Yellowstone tours you choose, you’ll gain a more rich understanding of the park’s complex geology, wildlife populations and natural history.


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