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Yellowstone With Kids


Planning a trip to Yellowstone with kids? Then you’re in for the trip of a lifetime! Yellowstone National Park is one of the most incredible places to take a family vacation, and is a great adventure to help your kids feel more connected to nature.


Read through this page to learn more about some of the best things to do in Yellowstone with kids, including hands-on learning opportunities that make science and nature come alive!

Things to Do in Yellowstone With Kids

Just about any of the Yellowstone park features you’d want to visit as an adult can also be enjoyed by kids. When we work with families planning a trip to Yellowstone with kids, we make sure to get more information about their ages and their interests. We can customize any of our Yellowstone tours to meet your family’s needs. Whether a Yellowstone Wildlife Tour, Yellowstone Day Hike, or a deeper dive into Yellowstone's volcano interests your family, you're sure to get the most out of your visit with a local, private Yellowstone guide.


Here are just a few of our favorite things to do in Yellowstone with kids:

Yellowstone With Kids

Learn about the park's wildlife

Yellowstone’s wildlife is the most diverse and abundant in our country. As the home to many bears, wolves, bison, and other animals big and small, Yellowstone is the best place to do a little wildlife watching and learn more about how animals live in their natural habitat. Because we’re passionate about Yellowstone science, you’ll get a mini ecology lesson as we observe the animals in their natural habitat. Remember to make noise on the trails, and give the wildlife room (25 yards from everything but bears and wolves--it's 100 yards from them!)

Yellowstone With Kids

Explore the park’s hydrothermal features

From the famous Old Faithful Geyser to the colorful Grand Prismatic Spring, there are hundreds of Yellowstone thermal features to explore with kids. We’ll help you find some of the less crowded and most interesting sites to visit Yellowstone with kids, so you can take your time exploring and learning more about the natural history of these unusual places.

Yellowstone With Kids

Discover Yellowstone geology

From the world’s largest caldera - or volcanic crater - to the places lava spilled out, like the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, the park is full of phenomenal geological features. Kids love learning about the Yellowstone volcano and we love sharing about how the park’s volcanic past helped it become the place it is today. Kids and their grownups will come away with an appreciation for being on a moving, breathing planet!

Yellowstone With Kids

Hiking in Yellowstone with kids

No matter how old your kids are or what their overall activity level is, there’s a Yellowstone hiking trail for you! Your family or group will learn how to Leave No Trace and safely navigate the wilds of Yellowstone. Hiking in the park is the best way to explore our natural world, lose the distractions of a busy life, and gain exposure to age-appropriate Yellowstone science.

Yellowstone Tours for Families

No matter what your interests are, all our Yellowstone tours are personalized to meet your needs, your activity levels and your Yellowstone vacation dreams. 


Hoping to take home some unrivaled memories of animals in the wild? Then we’ll meet bright and early and drive through the park to check out some of the best wildlife viewing areas. We’ll help you slow down, too, so you can truly observe the wildlife and feel more connected to the natural world around you.


Is hiking, snowshoeing or skiing in Yellowstone on your bucket list? We’ll find the trails that meet your family’s needs and help you see the most beautiful and interesting areas of the park. We’ll talk about the various geological and ecological features of the park on our hike, and take breaks in special places so you can take a moment to breathe and reflect on the beauty of the wilderness around you.


We love hosting Yellowstone tours for families, and it’s often these clients that reach back out to us years later to share their memories of their time in the park and how it shaped their lives.


If you’re ready to plan a trip to Yellowstone with kids,
then contact us to book your perfect Yellowstone day trip.
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