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At Walking Shadow Ecology, we believe you can enjoy your Yellowstone experience safely - even when the world feels unsafe. 


With some efforts on our part to create as safe an environment as possible, and some flexibility on the part of our visitors, we will all have a safe, memorable time while visiting Yellowstone. 

And of course, we're always bear-aware, road-savvy, and assessing risk management.

Our National Park Service-Approved Covid Operating Plan includes:  

  • Two 3-layer HEPA air filtration systems can run in the vehicle.  

  • While riding in our touring vehicle, we may ask passengers and guide to wear a face mask per NPS guidelines, or personal comfort for our guests.

  • We will provide disinfectant wipes and sanitizer.  

  • We will minimize handling of shared resources.   

  • Safety is always at the forefront of our experiences, and we appreciate your assistance in keeping you, our guides, and forthcoming participants safe.  

  • Click here to read more on the National Park Service Pandemic Response.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns. We believe you can have a fun, safe, meaningful trip to Yellowstone, and appreciate being a part of your experience! 


- Ashea Mills, Owner Walking Shadow Ecology Tours of Yellowstone

Yellowstone Safety
Yellowstone Safety

Two 3-layer HEPA air filtration systems

run in the vehicle during tours.

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