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Yellowstone Virtual Tours

Yellowstone Virtual Tours

Is visiting Yellowstone on your bucket list? You don't need to wait until you can physically travel to the national park. With our Yellowstone virtual tours, you can see the incredible wonders of this park from the comfort of your own home.

Whether you want to watch a tour at home with your family or are looking for virtual tour options for a school group or other educational program, we can help.

Yellowstone Virtual Tours

Yellowstone Virtual Tours

We know not everyone can make it to Yellowstone in person, so we also love hosting live, interactive Yellowstone virtual tours. These Yellowstone virtual trips are perfect for a solo traveler, families, school groups, youth groups and anyone sitting at home wishing they could travel!


There’s something special about traveling to Yellowstone without the hassle of planes, passports and luggage! And while you may not actually be here in person, you’ll feel like you are - experiencing all the sights, sounds, science, history and ecology with your local Yellowstone guide. If you don't see an ideal option, get in touch for a customized option!

We offer a number of options for your Yellowstone virtual tour.

Yellowstone Virtual Tour Options

Yellowstone Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours with Heygo

We’ve partnered with to lead a variety of free, tip-supported, live, virtual Yellowstone group tours, and are adding more virtual field trips all the time. Have fun while interacting with a global audience, taking your own postcards, asking questions through the chat, and learning more about Yellowstone. Click here to check out our latest offerings.

Yellowstone Virtual Tours

Virtual School Trips - Good News Travels

If you're looking for a virtual school trip to Yellowstone, then look no further! Good News Travels coordinates Yellowstone virtual tours - and online tours of other national parks - for schools, clubs, teams and other educational programs. Click here to learn more about setting up an inspiring, interactive Yellowstone virtual tour for your school or program.

Yellowstone Virtual Tours

Virtual Trips with Girl Travel Tours
(also known as Getaway Travel Tours)

GTT offers family-friendly tours for travelers who love to learn and have fun. These tours are good for families who like to travel with expert guides and like-minded travelers who live by the girl scout law!​  GTT works to help deepen its Girl understanding of other cultures, develop new perspectives on local and global issues, and strengthen leadership skills necessary for global citizenship. Grandparents, brothers and dads welcome! Join us for an extraordinary journey across Yellowstone!

Yellowstone Virtual Tours

Adventures Online with Road Scholar

Calling life-long learners! Immerse yourself in all the wonders of Yellowstone National Park with a three-day online immersive learning adventure! With Road Scholar, you’ll enjoy 2-3 hours of daily instruction, discussion and/or field trips - all online via Zoom. All you need is an Internet connection, your computer and your curiosity to truly feel like you're traveling to Yellowstone. Click here to learn more about Road Scholar's Yellowstone programs.

Custom Virtual Tours

Don't see the Yellowstone virtual tour that's right for you? We'd love to custom design a virtual class or talk for your family, school or group.


What Yellowstone feature or topic is your organization interested in? What area of the park would you like to explore with your personal Naturalist Guide? Let us know and we’ll design a dynamic, interactive Yellowstone virtual field trip together.


Contact us today to get started.

Yellowstone Virtual Tours
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