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Why Do I Hike? (Guest Blogger)

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

by a wanderer

Young hikers head off for the wilds of Yellowstone Park
Being an active part of the ecosystem

Why do I hike?

Now that is an interesting question

with many an answer.

Do I hike for the feel of trails under my boots?

Do I hike to escape the confines of crushing society?

to stay fit and lean, to meet new friends

to see the world, to study strange and new animals

all of these are true and more.

But why I hike is something that does not have an easy couple-word answer.

it’s waking up in the morning to frost covering your tent.

it’s dancing on the precipice of a mountain, with the world’s freedom beneath you.

it’s moving through titanic ancient trees, feeling like a bug

and it is not all Thoreau novels and picturesque paintings.

it is seeing climate change up close and personal,

a forceful opening of the eyes to the many turnouts to the natural world

it’s watching species dwindle and tremor and change around you

it is being an active part of an ecosystem.

That is, in a brief summary, of why I hike.

Why do you?

(Elliott, from New York, was a student on one of our recent trips, through ARCC Programs Gap Semester. We are happy to feature them as a guest on our blog today!)

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