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Media Repository & Resources

Mike Tercek started Walking Shadow Ecology as an ecological consulting business, focusing on data analysis, research and creating online tools for land managers across the nation to do their jobs more effectively. When wife Ashea Mills created her own business sharing her extensive guiding experience to a broader audience, she tacked on "Tours of Yellowstone".


Creating a life of learning, teaching about, and preserving Yellowstone while being outside in all seasons has led to more than successful businesses. They have become a resource for international media and policy makers on all things Yellowstone, particularly climate change, ecological processes, long-term trends and life-long perspectives. Below are samplings of the media they have been involved in while living a life informed by their passion for Yellowstone. 


Climate Change; Yellowstone River Flood

Watershed Down: Documenting Climate Change in Yellowstone  6 min video 

Time to Wake Up: Wyoming 23 min video (but most relevant to Yellowstone starts at 8:26) Senator Sheldon Whitehouse provides compelling testimony on the house floor after visiting WY and Yellowstone.

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