What We Offer

History, wildlife. geology and ecology come alive when we design your Yellowstone Experience together.  Your time here will be made more rich by layering in the captivating knowledge of your own personal Naturalist Guide. We can combine or customize any Experience to suit your group's interests and activity levels. 


We bring powerful optics, intimate knowledge of the landscape, and engaging games and stories. You bring curiosity and a sense of wonder as we explore North America's premier wildlife habitat, searching for bears, wolves, bison, elk and other wildlife. 

  • Observe and learn about behavior, habitat, predator-prey relationships and more, all while sighting the most wildlife we can find on our journey.

  • Typically we will be in the northern part of Yellowstone, including Lamar Valley.

  • Learn how to read the landscape, interacting with the signs our animals leave behind.




Whether you’re looking to pick up a fly rod for the very first time, or move from a novice to an intermediate fly angler, our instructional fly fishing workshops are tailored to your interests and abilities. In addition to learning the fundamentals required to succeed on the water, this workshop will include:




Explore our geothermal features with someone who can share the latest research while being enchanted by this other-worldly landscape.

  • Feel the pulse of the earth atop an active volcano. 

  • Gain an understanding of how our flora and fauna survive and thrive on an active volcano.

  • Discover how the colorful pools, playful mudpots, roaring fumaroles and active geysers are the surface expression of the inner workings of Planet Earth.




An immersive experience in one of the most intact ecosystems in the world.  Choose a shorter meander combined with other options, OR a more active, full-day backcountry experience.

  • We know our trails! Out of the nearly one thousand miles of trails in Yellowstone, we will find the right match for your group.

  • Our Naturalist Guides are well versed in bear safety, Leave No Trace principles and trained in Wilderness First Aid.  

  • We know how to navigate away from the crowds to find connection with a dynamic landscape, leaving you with something deeper than just memories and photographs.




Our Naturalist Guides are master architects at curriculum and itinerary building. We can design your program from the ground up, or complement an existing educational program.

  • We love to work with students of all ages, educators seeking to take Yellowstone back into their classrooms, and other groups like Scouts, retreats, youth groups, and more.

  • Host an expert talk (from an hour to a half day) on any Yellowstone or ecology-related topic tailored to your group. 

  • Spend one or more days guided by leaders in outdoor education. You will be rooted in an understanding of how a place-based education changes your perspective on the natural world.




The hushed, frozen winter wonderland might be our very favorite time of year to observe Yellowstone's wildlife. Traveling along the only stretch of road open year-round, we encounter a brilliant white canvas on which to observe animals and birds surviving in a harsh climate.

  • Learn about the unique adaptations our wildlife has evolved to endure a long winter.

  • While the bears may be hibernating, wolves are at their strongest and most visible.

  • Experience a dazzling version of Yellowstone few have the opportunity to enjoy!





Stopping at thermal areas along the way, we'll journey to the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone to feel the throb of erosion in action, and understand how geology and art were the tenets that created Yellowstone.

  • This is an excellent trip to get a broad understanding of how "Geology is now"!

  • Interpret today's landscape within the context of its cataclysmic past.

  • Come away with a deep appreciation for being on a moving planet, one that shapes and shifts both itself and those who pause to wonder.  




We can translate science in a meaningful, fun way for people of all ages. Any of our offerings can be scaled age-appropriately. And the grown-ups in the group will still learn something new!

  • Our youngest participants will walk away from their experience with a deeper connection to our natural world. They may even become a Junior Ranger!

  • After a day with us, your family or group will be knowledgeable in Leave No Trace principles, and how to be better stewards of the Earth.

  • With games, stories, and hands-on learning, science comes alive with the leadership of our highly skilled Naturalist Guides.




Imagine cross-country skiing or snowshoeing along canyons, thermal features or through a forest wilderness in Yellowstone's Northern Range with an expert Naturalist Guide.

  • Let us take the guesswork out of which trails are best suited for your group.

  • Travel with a knowledgeable guide trained in wilderness medicine and safety, and excited to share the beauty and austerity of our winter backdrop..

  • Combine with a morning Winter Wildlife Discovery for an utterly dynamic day!



  • If you don't find the right date for your group, please reach out. We may be able to accommodate you.

  • Please call or email to book multi-day trips.

  • All trips run approximately 8 hours and include hot and cold beverages, with ample edibles for the day.

  • All bookings will list an early start time as this is recommended for the best chance to spot wildlife, however you and your Naturalist Guide will decide on the actual meeting time based on your primary interests.

  • Our home base is Gardiner, MT. Summer tours start from several locations throughout the park for an additional fee.

  • Winter tours will have later start times, and will only travel to areas open to wheeled vehicles in the northern parts of Yellowstone Park.

  • If you don't see exactly what you have in mind, get in touch and we will design your customized experience together.

  • See a full fare schedule below. All rates include taxes and fees.

  • Rates do not include Park entrance fees.

  • Rates do not include guide gratuity.

Private Yellowstone Experience Rates

We want to create the safest experience for you, for our Naturalist Guides and for the public.
With the aid of our National Park Service Covid operating plan to minimize exposure and transmission, Walking Shadow Ecology has chosen the most responsible way to still share our love for Yellowstone.
  • Our spacious Ford Expedition EL touring vehicle is equipped with a Plexiglass barrier for safety between guide and passengers.
  • The front seat will remain unoccupied.  
  • We run two 3-layer HEPA air filters inside the vehicle.
  • We ask all passengers wear a face mask while in the vehicle, and while outside the vehicle and within 6' of others, including your guide.
  • As always, we seek to minimize in-vehicle time while still taking advantage of Yellowstone's wonders. Please read a letter from the owner here. We thank you for your flexibility while we all do our part in preventing the spread of disease.
Multi-day bookings, and lodging packages: please call or email for more information.
All rates include taxes and fees.
Rates do not include park entrance fees.
Rates do not include a guide gratuity.

Private Yellowstone Experience, beginning in Gardiner, MT or Mammoth Hot Springs, WY

6-8 hours

$615 (1-2 participants)

$675 (3-4 participants)

$750 (5-6 Participants)

Instructional Fly Fishing Experience

8-10 hours

$650 (1-2 participants)

$75.00 for each additional person, up to 4 max per trip

Customized Educational Experiences:

Please inquire.

**For all trips meeting outside our base area of Gardiner, MT or Mammoth Hot Springs, WY:

Add-on $75 for Norris Junction or Canyon Area meet-ups.

Add-on $100 for Lake Area, Madison Junction or Old Faithful Area meet-ups.

Winter trips meet in Gardiner, MT or Mammoth Hot Springs, WY.


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